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One-Way Non-Disclosure

One-Way Non-Disclosure

The document for keeping your secret sauce a secret.

As agency owners and freelancers, we often need to bring on outside help to get the job done. This document helps keep confidential information inside your company when working with outside contractors and freelancers.

What's Included

This 1 page unilateral non-disclosure contract template is accompanied by a reminder checklist.

    Who's It For

    Any creative or creative organization engaging 1099 contractors.

    How To Use

    Documents are presented in a .docx format, compatible with Microsoft Word, iOS Pages and Google Pages.

    Each customizable area has been notated in red with specific instruction on what to enter or adjust according to your needs.

    When the document has been completed, export as a PDF and upload to the digital signature platform of your choice or send directly to your client for signature.

    Use included explainer videos and/or reminder checklist for greater understanding of any document. Note: Not all templates include an explainer video.

    Disclaimer & Copyright

    © CreativeLawLab, 2023

    All templates, including the explanatory comments (collectively, “Template”), is either owned by or licensed to CreativeLawLab.  All rights are reserved.

    All Templates are protected by U.S. and international Copyright law and you may not copy and/or distribute any Template. You may, however, use Templates to create your own document which you may then use, copy, and disseminate.

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    Customize in Minutes

    Templates are ready for use right away; 3 simple steps and you're on your way.

    • Download

      Templates and instruction are emailed directly to your inbox following purchase. Simply download the files and open with your preferred platform (Word, Pages, or Google Docs).

    • Understand & Edit

      Documents are noted through out using comments for explanation of terms, sections and areas for edit. Review the document using the provided instructional video.

    • Upload & Send

      When your edits are complete, download your newly customized contract as a pdf and upload to your preferred signature platform for completion by clients right away.