This is what happens when an entertainment attorney and creative agency owner join forces.

It started when a boutique creative agency owner (Erik) got screwed big time because his contracts were less than enforceable–like losing $12k not enforceable. So, he researched and called up an entertainment attorney. After months of working together and $5k later, Erik had a set of contracts he could rely on, not to mention a new advocate.

Then Erik got to thinking (as a creative does) that most creatives can't afford five grand! So he called his attorney again. A few more months went by and Creative Law Lab was incepted.

Creatives shouldn't have to be scared of asking clients to sign on the dotted line. They should also be able to actually understand and explain what they're asking them to sign and not have to pay the equivalent of a car downpayment to have access to something that's clear and understandable by both parties.

Now you can feel confident, stay protected and not have to break the bank all at the same time.

The Creative

Erik Quigley

For over a decade, Erik has made his way through the design industry as a designer, freelancer and artistic director, delivering his end-to-end creative vision to both private and corporate companies across the globe.

By aligning his theatrical background within the business space, Erik heads Uncommon Crowd, a creative agency focused on differentiating companies through their own authentic edge.

Ever the book enthusiast, perpetual student and budding thought leader, outside of client work, Erik has found a mission in helping other creatives through content creation, one on one mentorships, and community development.

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